I’m Back!! – Week #7, Day #2

12 Mar

Fell off the face of the earth for a couple weeks because I have been absolutely SLAMMED at work, and there are lots of other things going on in the personal life. But I’ll be back to logging daily now. 🙂

I’m thrilled with my program. Brian has been a phenomenal help, and I’m progressing faster than ever. PR’s every week, and I’m feeling so much better physically. My back hasn’t been bugging me at all, and my hips are definitely improving slowly but surely. Still get some pain from wide-stance squats and sumo pulls, but nothing near what it used to be.

Bench Press:

bar x bunch

65 x 5

80 x 3

100 x 1

135 x 1 (3 board)

155 x 1 (3 board)

170 x 1 (3 board)

175 x 1 (3 board)

180 x 1 (3 board)

Floor Press:

115 x 5

120 x 5

125 x 5

Bar Front Raises:

20 x 10

30 x 8 (x2)

JM Press:

75 x 10

85 x 8

One Response to “I’m Back!! – Week #7, Day #2”

  1. Heather March 24, 2014 at 6:27 pm #

    can you share what you’ve been working on to help with the hip pain from sumo deadlifts? I’m trying to work through this at the moment and getting frustrated at how slowly things are progressing. =(

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