Training Session: 11/08/13 (Light Lower)

9 Nov

Back has really been feeling a lot better as of late, so I have been able to move up a bit with squats and deadlift-type movements. It leads me to believe it was just  very bad strain, but I am still not pushing it too much. Mostly form work today and just getting some extra time under the bar since it’s been awhile!

I have started playing around with a low-bar placement again for squats, and it seems to make me feel much better. I am assuming because my abs are still very weak, high bar squats tend to make my lower back hurt more because I can’t properly brace everything just yet. They tend to put more stress on my quads, low back, and abs…which are all quite weak areas for me. Low-bar seems like a good route until I can bring up all these weak areas to a point where they are not really hurting me.



Old Lady Warm-Up:

Stair-stepper – 5 mins (med intensity)

planks – 2 x 1 min.

X-band walks – 2 x bunch

Banded clam shells (lots)

Single-leg Hip Bridges – 1 x 15 per side

Banded squats (wrapped around knees, focusing on forcing the knees out through the whole movement)

Foam roll  (calves, mid-back, glutes) Foam



bar x bunch
















Natural GHR (feet wedged under squat rack)




Lying Leg Curls



Bad Girl Machine




2 Responses to “Training Session: 11/08/13 (Light Lower)”

  1. Calvin Harris II November 10, 2013 at 8:58 pm #

    I just wanted to say thank you for doing what you do. I comment on your facebook post every once and a while. I benefit greatly from your warm ups. I have a hard time warming up and activating my muscles. You have successfully navigated through my 2 main problems. Hip mobilization and glute activation in the warm up. Can you touch on a warm up routine for the elbow. I am making a program for myself, but I would also like your input

  2. Nicole November 12, 2013 at 12:08 am #

    This warm up was awesome, you’re posts are always so helpful. I feel so much more confident at the gym when I know what I’m doing! This one wasespecially helpful since I recently strained my lower back and the lower bar placement made squats so much easier.

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