Training Session: 10/21/13 (High Volume Lower)

21 Oct

Back is still feeling achy. I went with the suggestion of a friend though and did ZERO mobility work pre-training. Instead, I did the following:


Planks: (full, LS, RS)

1 min, 30 sec, 30 sec. (x 2)


Hanging leg raise holds: 3×1 (as long as possible)


Surprisingly, this actually felt good…very good. I have a feeling that I lack a lot of core stability which may have contributed to my injury in the first place. My right side with the planks was MUCH stronger than my left. At 30 seconds I was shaking like crazy, but when I switched to the right side, I could have held it for an extra minute.

So I definitely know what needs some improvement!!


Leg Press:






Death Penalty/Bulgarian Split Squats:

25’s x 10

30’s x 8

35’s x 8

40’s x8x2


Bad Girl Machine:







GHR: (monster mini band)



Lying Leg Curls:

60x4x10 (very controlled)



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