Training: Lower (6/24/13)

25 Jun


X-band walks
bodyweight glute bridges (single leg)
5 mins. of hip mobility drills
5 mins. foam rolling.


bar x bunch




170x4x10 (10 lbs. more than last week)


KB Swings:

30 lbs. x 25×3


Seated Box Jumps:

23″ x 4

25″ x 4

27″ x7x4

DB Bulgarian Split Squats:

15’s x15x2



Skipped my ab work and last 2 sets of split squats since the left side of my face felt weirdly tingly. Probably nerve-related. It went away, but I didn’t want to push it if I was pinching something unknowingly. Better safe than sorry!

Squats were relatively easy. No grinders. Felt more like cardio than anything!! Alyssa is trying to kill me, haha.

Starting to think of some ideas for training tutorials to do. The only problem I am facing at the moment is time. It is easier for me at the moment to just write things up, but I’ll do my best. It seems the weekends would be the most likely for this.

This week’s topic coming up: back building. This has been a frequent request. Stay tuned!!

943255_533734386662577_738461211_nBonus: here’s a picture of me NOT in training clothes…crazy, no? (Do I even lift?!)



One Response to “Training: Lower (6/24/13)”

  1. Elaine Huba June 25, 2013 at 5:38 am #

    Great photo!! I admire how you look in glasses, very sophisticated.

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