High Volume Week #1: Day 3

20 Jun

Missed logging my last two training sessions, so I’ll just start from today’s training. Actually the workout could have been better, but I had to cut it short because I was strapped for time.

So sore. Everywhere.

Deficit Speed Deadlifts (Off 2″; timed):




Total time for all working sets: 20 mins.

(NOTE: Definitely could have taken less time. But my lower back was just blegh today.)

SLDL (also off a 2″ deficit):



One-arm DB Rows:


Seated Rows:

50kg x3x12


This week was a bit brutal due to it being my first week back on high volume for awhile, so it’s more light weights and higher reps.

I start Brandon Lilly’s program on July 1st, so for now I am doing the beginning of Alyssa’s program. If nothing else, it’ll help prep me for the high volume that Brandon’s program will undoubtedly be made of.

Pic I took yesterday after my upper body workout. My arms were so pumped I could barely move them, haha.


Now time to eat some moar. Gotta be at least semi-recovered for more squats tomorrow.

One Response to “High Volume Week #1: Day 3”

  1. Jim July 2, 2013 at 12:16 am #

    Christine…..you look amazing!!

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