Brandon Lilly’s “Cube Method” Review

18 Jun


Okay, so before I get into the juicy details of this program, I need to share some good (related) news!!

Brandon Lilly and the Animal Pak crew teamed up in May to do a promo. Brandon was going to pick 5 people to act as a test group for a revised version of his program, and also get to log all of the Animal products as well for FREE!!

Anyway, I entered in not expecting much, but lo and behold, I was chosen to be a part of the test group.


That being said, I am still going to be working with Alyssa Smith once this 10-week program with Brandon is up. We still have big plans for my training, and hopefully I am going to get something big out of this run with The Cube as well.

And, I am also hoping Animal came out with smaller T-shirt sizes. If not I might have to go with the bro cut-off method so I don’t feel like I am wearing a dress.


What can I say about said cube? Well, before giving my personal take/opinion on the program, I will tell you a little bit of how it is set-up and what the basic idea is first.

The Cube Method is loosely based around Westside principles, or conjugate periodization. This quote is straight from Brandon Lilly’s blog:

My waves are 3 weeks for squat bench and deadlift and they are modeled like this.

Week 1-Max Effort
Week 2-Dynamic Effort
Week 3-Repetition Method

I call it “Cube Training” as when its mapped out it looks like a cube. I never lift heavy on two lifts in a week. If I dead heavy, my bench is dynamic, and my squat is for reps, and as the weeks rotate the effort is rotated also. In the form of a cube.
Here’s the setup:

WEEK                  1     2     3
Deads-                  1     2     3
Bench-                  2     3     1
Squats-                  3    1      2

Sundays are always a bodybuilding day. Just pick a few exercises to focus on weak points, and I always include Military Presses, and leg presses as I like keeping my quads, and shoulders strong.This method has worked extremely well for me, in preventing burnout, and building excitement for my heavy days. Any muscular deficiencies addressed on Sunday.


A lot of people find that doing less max effort work can help them recover better, rather than some people who still do two ME days per week.

I am still trying to find out whether doing ME work once a week or twice a week is better for me. Definitely need to experiment more with this before I can really tell.

Now, I will admit I have never read the book. I purchased individualized training with Brandon Lilly, so he wrote something up different for me and my personal goals. I haven’t gotten around to reading it, but if you are looking to get more in-depth about the program, I suggest purchasing it and reading through it.

All in all I had a whole lot of fun with this program. Since I love bodybuilding-style training as well, it stayed interesting since this program includes quite a bit of accessory work.


As far as physique changes go, I definitely got leaner, but seemed to stay the same weight. Strange. Maybe a little bit of a recomp went on? I was definitely eating lots more than usual, and I owe that to the high volume. Definitely responded well to it.


This is something that you need to run more than just once, I think, to get the full benefits from. Which is why I am very excited to be working again with Brandon to see what kind of further improvements I can make.

I also can’t give a full run-down of my strength gains, seeing as there were quite a few things that went wrong (i.e. my diet) that was likely preventing me from improving as much as I could have. But that’s behind now, onto bigger things!


  • This is a very high volume program.
  • You will get tired.
  • You might bleed.
  • You will weep at the sight of stairs.
  • You will profit.


Do it.


For more info on The Cube Method:

Juggernaut Strength Systems – Store

Brandon Lilly Official FB Page




2 Responses to “Brandon Lilly’s “Cube Method” Review”

  1. Sin June 18, 2013 at 4:44 pm #

    Any plans to run it again outside of your next training cycle?

  2. Cheryl @ Lift. Love. Laugh June 25, 2013 at 12:55 pm #

    Haha I love your comment that “you will weep at the sight of stairs”. I had cramps the day after the first squat session, which I could deal with. One of my training partners on the other hand…. had to be offered a chair in the middle of the mall when he cramped up.

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