Deadlifts and Physiotherapy

27 Mar

I have been doing a lot more research/study on physiotherapy lately. To be honest, I wholeheartedly can see it becoming a career in the future. It’s been the past 5 years or so that I have been fascinated by it, and I figure the more time I put into studying, the easier the transition will be when I can actual manage/afford to get into a school.

One day. Maybe.

For now, I will bury my nose in books and learn whatever I can. I feel like in turn it will help me to be a better coach to others, as well as a better and more well-rounded athlete.

Always a good thing!

Training today: The Cube Week #5, Day #1






Snatch-Grip Deadlifts:


Squats: (See notes)

bar x bunch






DB Shrugs:

20s x3x15

Close-Grip Pulldowns:

62.5 x4x15


4 x 1:15


I need to work on not over-analyzing and getting hyped up. I find that my squats feel a million times better when I am not filming them. Performance anxiety I guess, even though it’s just for form check.

Pretty solid day though! I pulled all the deadlifts from the floor since I don’t have anything smaller than a 4″ block.



(NOTE: Slight over-extension of the back on the last rep. Unintentional, and will be corrected in the future. To be honest I was just surprised at how fast the reps were flying up that it sort of happened by default just due to the speed. Decent problem to have I guess!!)


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