Portobella Mushrooms: Where Have You Been All My Life?!

17 Mar

Okay. So I do have a confession to make.

Although I am vegan, I do miss the TASTE of meat sometimes. However, I do not miss meat itself. I guess this is normal given that I have eaten meat my whole life up until recently. But I’ve just started buying portobella mushrooms and throwing them on the frying pan…boy oh boy, best fucking replacement for meat ever.

That is, if you want to exclude things like seitan which is very processed. I try to stay away from it but it is also a good alternative.

For now though, mushrooms are far more accessible and so easy to prepare in a delicious way.


I marinated these in garlic, EVOO, and balsamic vinegar before tossing them on the frying pan. Throw them on a bed of coconut rice and you’ve got yourself a little slice of heaven.

That is, if heaven existed. If it did, I’m fairly certain it would be equivalent to the taste of a beautifully cooked portobella mushroom.


This is my post-training meal:

Big. Ass. Salad.

Big. Ass. Salad.

Not nearly as exciting, but not everything in life can be.


Training from today:


DB Overhead Press:

20’s x10

25’s x6

30’s x6

35’s x10

35’s x2x8 (rep PR from last week)


Front Raises:  (plate)



Seated Bicep Curls:

20’s x4x10


Calf Raises:




Machine Glute Kickbacks: (per leg; squeeze hard at the top)





Leg Extensions: (slow; toes pointed)




Machines are different from last week’s training. These ones at my main gym are a lot older and therefore much harder than the newer machines at the other gym I go to sometimes.

Low rest periods today, nice in-and-out kind of session. Can’t wait for deadlifts on Tuesday!!


Song picks of the day:





2 Responses to “Portobella Mushrooms: Where Have You Been All My Life?!”

  1. Yann March 20, 2013 at 12:34 am #

    If you are looking for a great meat substitute, these sausages are the shit

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