3/01/13 – Cube Week #1, Day #3

1 Mar

Fairly taxing session today. I ran Smolov last year but it’s been awhile since I’ve done hihgh volume on squats. Legs were a blood mess by the end, but in a good way. Except for the short period about an hour after when my vastus medialis seized up for a couple minutes.

All good now though, I think I just need to drink more water. I’ve been at about 3L give or take every day and I’m trying to bump that up to 4L.

WARM-UP: 10 mins of mobility drills for hips, shoulders, and scapula.

Speedy Squats:

bar x10

More Squats:

(Didn’t have a reverse band so I threw an extra bit of
weight on the bar)

225×2 (bar slid a bit; gotta chalk up)

OLY Squats:

(Same stance that I use for every squat)


Hack Squats:

(Subbed for leg press since the one I have at my gym is
fucked. First 2 sets wide, last 2 very close stance; all sets bottomed


Reverse Hyperextensions:


KB Swings:


NOTES: The 225×2 felt so much harder than it should have, but then again I just finished 8 triples so that should be expected. Hopefully all this volume will get me some quads, haha.

Weight was 129 this morning clothed/fed/hydrated. Gotta up my calories a bit. I feel if I’m not on top of that during the length of this program I will definitely drop weight (just due to all the volume/frequency). Don’t want that right now. Need to stay in this general weight range but don’t want to drop lower.

Couple pics (yay for sweet gym lighting!):

Post-squats. Need moar quads.

Post-squats. Need moar quads.



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