02/28/13 – Off Day

28 Feb

Yet another day off due to a weird schedule this week. I’m so psyched to squat tomorrow.

Had to order in today again because I forgot my food at home. Which means I’ll have about two hours to stuff myself at home to make sure I’m eating enough. Hardest part about having a meat-free diet is that I feel so excellent 95% of the time, that it’s almost difficult to get in enough calories.


Grilled vegetables in teriyaki sauce.


Veggie rolls ❤


High energy levels have me buzzing around all the time. Can’t really complain though. It’s much better than my previously EXTREMELY sluggish self.

Plus I am eating so much more now than I ever have which is awesome. I love food.

Going to hit the gym in the morning before work, so hopefully some videos to follow. It’s been awhile since I’ve done a form check.


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